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PUBADV- 2.28.14- CM Menchaca LICH Appointment.pdf133.73 KB
PUBADV 3.6.14- Special Elections Full Release.pdf224.37 KB
PUBADV 3.6.14- Brooklyn Healthcare.pdf215.16 KB
PUBADV 3.11.14- Universal Free Lunch PR.pdf221.13 KB
PUBADV- 2.27.14- DOE Colocations Statement.pdf132.72 KB
PUBADV- 3.8.14 Co-Locations Town Hall Meeting.pdf113.69 KB
PUBADV- 4.2.14 Local 804 UPS Workers Release.pdf325.68 KB
PUBADV 4.9.14- PO Guerra Statement.pdf207.48 KB
PUBADV 4.9.14- Welfare Client Theft Statement.pdf209.87 KB
PUBADV 4.10.14- UPS Workers Statement.pdf211.85 KB
PUBADV 4.15.14- DHS Intake Enhancements Press Release.pdf230.25 KB
PUBADV 4.16.14- NYPD Demographics Unit Statement.pdf205.06 KB
PUBADV 4.22.14- School Lunch Statement.pdf131.38 KB
PUBADV 4.23.14- Arrests in Williamsburg Attack Statement.pdf210.15 KB
PUBADV 4.28.14- Paid Sick Leave Town Hall Announcement.pdf228.38 KB
PUBADV 5.1.14- UFT Settlement Statement.pdf206.04 KB
PUBADV 5.2.14- Sexual Assault Report Statement.pdf205.29 KB
PUBADV 5.9.14- College Sexual Assault Press Rel.pdf300.39 KB
PUBADV 5.14.14- LGBT Youth Bill Release.pdf294.2 KB
PUBADV 5.16.14- CoLocation Suit Statement.pdf150.75 KB
PUBADV 5.28.14- Maya Angelou Statement.pdf130.32 KB
PUBADV 6.09.14- Water Towers Press Release.pdf139.73 KB
PUBADV 6.11.14- Field Testing Press Release.pdf137.93 KB
PUBADV 6.11.14- GENDA Statement.pdf134.15 KB
PUBADV 6.16.14- Foster Care Tracking Release.pdf287.02 KB
PUBADV 6.17.14- Mail Order Pharmacy Bill Statement.pdf130.64 KB
PUBADV 6.20.14- School Lunch Agreement Statement.pdf130.37 KB
PUBADV 6.30.14- Sup Court Contraception Coverage Statement.pdf143.39 KB
PUBADV 6.30.14- Israeli Students Statement.pdf130 KB
PUBADV 6.30.14- Birth Certificate Change Statement.pdf135.81 KB
PUBADV 7.11.14- District 75 School Buses Release.pdf431.38 KB
PUBADV 7.17.14- MTA Agreement Statement.pdf129.8 KB
PUBADV 7.18.14- Eric Garner Press Statement.pdf130.15 KB
PUBADV 7.22.14- Brooklyn Bridge Flags Removal Statement.pdf127.84 KB
PUBADV 7.22.14- NYPD Cameras Statement.pdf147.97 KB
PUBADV- 2.26.14- Paid Sick Leave Statement.pdf132.92 KB
PUBADV- 2.26.14- NYPD Youth Arrests.pdf237.76 KB
PUBADV- 2.24.14- UWS Stonehenge Advisory.pdf138.47 KB
PUBADV 2.20.14 LICH Agreement Statement.pdf216.95 KB
PUBADV- 2.18.14- Vision Zero Statement.pdf133.17 KB
PUBADV- 2.13.14 DSNY Snow Bill.pdf234.9 KB
PUBADV- 2.13.14 Snowstorm City Response.pdf127.5 KB
PUBADV- 2.12.14 Preliminary Budget Statement.pdf134.7 KB
PUBADV- 2.12.14 Municipal IDs Statement.pdf220.97 KB
PUBADV- 2.10.14 Skelos UPK Statement.pdf132.27 KB
PUBADV- 2.10.14 SOTC Response.pdf219.93 KB
PUBADV- 2.6.14 VN Bridge Toll Relief.pdf132 KB
PUBADV- 2.5.14- Queens Library Oversight Statement.pdf193.84 KB
PUBADV- 2.4.14 Senate SNAP Cuts.pdf132.34 KB
PUBADV- 1.29.14 LICH Press Conference.pdf152.47 KB
PUBADV- 1.28.14 SOTU Address.pdf177.24 KB
PUBADV- 1.20.14 Dr. King Statement.pdf143.17 KB
PUBADV- 1.13.14 School Funding Sendoff.pdf159.05 KB
PUBADV- 1.8.14 SOTS Address.pdf212.19 KB

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